What's Going On With Samsung & Microsoft?

In the news today we have more Samsung babble and jibber jabber but here's an interesting take on Windows attacking Samsung. Apparently Samsung has ruffled Window's feathers a bit especially with not adapting their Windows Mobile platform on their devices which may or may not be a way to cripple Windows in order to promote their own OS Tizen. In other news we have rumors of potential Kindle Fire HD tablets running at $99 which would be a noticeable competitor in the low end tablet category. Also in today's news Google is working on their Babble project in order to unify multiple chat clients to go head to head with BBM and Apple ios messaging. Lastly there are rumors floating around about Nokia working on solar powered devices which is interesting to hear because the devices size would be compromised and since thinner is apparently better would it be something people would actually be interested in for the long haul. Thanks for reading folks!

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