LG G7 “Thin Q” innovation at its worst

Lg seriously just needs to stop making mobile phones at this point. The complete lack of innovation and sub par hardware is just another example that the company lacks the vision to truly innovate. One would think that in todays market that with all the competition it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to copy a trend and play it safe but realistically copying certain form factors and innovative bits here and there from other manufacturers just shows the lack of vision for the companies mobile division. Even with a temporary poll that was held whether to keep the notch or not it still is just another little fish in a very big sea. The mobile world has become over saturated and in order to compete innovation must be the pinnacle for growth. Unfortunately it seems most manufacturers have been following the leader in most aspects recently and typically I wouldn’t put Apple at the forefront as I feel personally that they are simply a proprietary and greedy company they did get it right with last years iPhone X in the innovation department. Sure the notch looks ridiculous and aesthetically unpleasant but the trend seems to have worked. The market has seemingly lost focus on what mattered most when mobile phones were initially released and that was the core features of phones such as battery life and coverage, you know that thing called dependability. Unfortunately gimmicks have become the norm, such as 3D displays (all of which lasted a year tops), louder speakers (great but doesn’t everyone have Bluetooth speakers these days?), super slow motion video (actually useful for sports enthusiasts, but not everyone), bells and whistles and such. Sure these some of these are great but the core features have been neglected for entirely too long. Sure it sounds like I am ranting on and blowing off steam, contrary to the rant, not the case. Manufacturers should focus on staying up with the trend to some extent without skimping on core features such as durability and dependability. Let’s imagine a phone for a second that has everything you’ve always wanted, spec wise, future proof wise, feature wise, and then put it into a phone that’s not only durable but dependable. Sure most manufacturers would hate that because it would mean lower turnover rate for newer phones needing to be made, but lets say you had a phone with a life cycle of five years vs the standard two. It would not only cut back on waste but the long term would lower overhead for larger companies and give their R&D teams more time to come up with actual useful innovative features that may even help the quality of their end users lives in a way that would create not only brand loyalty but long term security. In the end however I guess these things are for a perfect utopia and greed will always rule over innovation and quality of life.  


Samsung and MWC 2018

This year's MWC is turning out to be something of an interesting and yet lackluster event. Samsung which is, was, and has most of the limelight still seems less appealing than it's last year's offering and more of a follow-up than a class leading behemoth in the mobile world with it's newly announced Galaxy S9 line. Now before you get all hot and bothered let me say this is just a preliminary assessment of what I've seen thus far with the S9 model and I have not had personal time with them enough to say for certain that they aren't absolutely amazing devices. The screens are gorgeous as last year's models were and also slightly different at the same time, not a bad different either. The star changes however are under the hood. With a newer snapdragon 845 processor it's able to crank out a bit more power and utilize the new camera features for facial recognition and Iris scanning as well and the new animoji like features. The rear cameras on the S9 and the S9+ are both capable of handling a staggering 960fps slow motion recording capability and auto aperature for better low light photos. There is plenty more if you're up for a good read but all in all I'm not so convinced it's a ground breaking update that they needed this year. Now on to the next article.


The One

As many of you have noticed the post have been scarce as of recently and there is good reason for that. The past few years we have seen the technology of phones comes and go through modifications and upgrades and some just to the technological grave yard. HTC and LG were big on the 3d technology that seemed to have some hype at one point and time; also there were the boom speakers, ultra pixels, and ir blasters. All have come and gone the way of the buffalo, or at least for the most part. So what's the next big thing VR? Well time will tell, apparently its the new hype and I for one am interested to see what will happen with it. That aside lets focus on what has happened to the phone itself as far as aesthetics are concerned there has been an evolution. The bodies are typically more sleek and smooth, there has been a fad of all metal designs, the edges and screen to body ratios have been improved but what about the actual phone itself as a whole. What happened to using a phone for the purpose of its intended origin. To make phone calls that are clear and crisp and have more than eight hours of usage. Sure technology has advanced and we now have literally mini computers in the palms of our hands but what about dependability when its needed most? Where is there a mobile smartphone phone out there that actually can make it count when needed? This is one of the main reasons I have been quiet over the past couple of years. I have been waiting, for that phone that doesn't get compared to an iPhone or the next best thing. Why haven't manufacturers focused more on quality than features that really don't do much of anything else but waste our time? Battery life, screen size, higher resolution, faster operating systems, more ram, better cameras, faster data, louder speakers, virtual reality, all of this means nothing if you cant use the phone for its most important feature. Making a call that counts, lasts, is clear, and secure.. So I say kudos to you manufacturers who have sucked us in with the gimmicks and the time wasters, but where's the real deal at? Where's the one?


Windows & Nokia What's Going On?

So with the merger of Nokia into the world of Windows we are wondering what is going to come next. Who will be crowned the next CEO after Balmer leaves, what devices will be coming out, will they be Nokia or Microsoft branded, and does Nokia actually have Android on the mind?
That said I want to talk about what maybe the last Nokia branded device coming out this year. It's dubbed the Icon aka the Lumia 929 for Verizon. From the looks of it this phone will be a killer Windows Phone that's not in the phablet category and can compete with some of the top contenders currently out on the market now. Phonearena.com tipped the world today of Verizon's page with the new device up and out for the camera scene. This could be a great device for Verizon customers to try something new or jump ship completely to a new OS. The specs on it match up pretty close to the LG G2 which is a beast of a phone and the camera looks to be the star of the show on this phone. The only thing Windows really needs to go to town on to make this phone sell better is the ecosystem of apps in its market. If Windows can get more developers on board and more premium apps out for the OS then they have a chance of really lighting things up.