Windows & Nokia What's Going On?

So with the merger of Nokia into the world of Windows we are wondering what is going to come next. Who will be crowned the next CEO after Balmer leaves, what devices will be coming out, will they be Nokia or Microsoft branded, and does Nokia actually have Android on the mind?
That said I want to talk about what maybe the last Nokia branded device coming out this year. It's dubbed the Icon aka the Lumia 929 for Verizon. From the looks of it this phone will be a killer Windows Phone that's not in the phablet category and can compete with some of the top contenders currently out on the market now. Phonearena.com tipped the world today of Verizon's page with the new device up and out for the camera scene. This could be a great device for Verizon customers to try something new or jump ship completely to a new OS. The specs on it match up pretty close to the LG G2 which is a beast of a phone and the camera looks to be the star of the show on this phone. The only thing Windows really needs to go to town on to make this phone sell better is the ecosystem of apps in its market. If Windows can get more developers on board and more premium apps out for the OS then they have a chance of really lighting things up.

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