The One

As many of you have noticed the post have been scarce as of recently and there is good reason for that. The past few years we have seen the technology of phones comes and go through modifications and upgrades and some just to the technological grave yard. HTC and LG were big on the 3d technology that seemed to have some hype at one point and time; also there were the boom speakers, ultra pixels, and ir blasters. All have come and gone the way of the buffalo, or at least for the most part. So what's the next big thing VR? Well time will tell, apparently its the new hype and I for one am interested to see what will happen with it. That aside lets focus on what has happened to the phone itself as far as aesthetics are concerned there has been an evolution. The bodies are typically more sleek and smooth, there has been a fad of all metal designs, the edges and screen to body ratios have been improved but what about the actual phone itself as a whole. What happened to using a phone for the purpose of its intended origin. To make phone calls that are clear and crisp and have more than eight hours of usage. Sure technology has advanced and we now have literally mini computers in the palms of our hands but what about dependability when its needed most? Where is there a mobile smartphone phone out there that actually can make it count when needed? This is one of the main reasons I have been quiet over the past couple of years. I have been waiting, for that phone that doesn't get compared to an iPhone or the next best thing. Why haven't manufacturers focused more on quality than features that really don't do much of anything else but waste our time? Battery life, screen size, higher resolution, faster operating systems, more ram, better cameras, faster data, louder speakers, virtual reality, all of this means nothing if you cant use the phone for its most important feature. Making a call that counts, lasts, is clear, and secure.. So I say kudos to you manufacturers who have sucked us in with the gimmicks and the time wasters, but where's the real deal at? Where's the one?