AT&T Locked Customers; Verizon Iphone Due Out By Valentine's Day

According to BusinessWeek, Apple may be accouncing a CDMA version fo the Iphone 4 that will work with Verizon's network by Valentine's Day! This is supposed to happen sometime after CES in Las Vegas early January.

Verizon's ability to sell Apple Iphones is not expected to be that big of a blow to AT&T because majority of the customers are locked in their contract for another 2 years, or mainly because why go through the hassle of the switch. Even if AT&T customers do want to switch over to Verizon, they will have to pay out more money than what they're spending on the AT&T bills right now. Money for Verizon's Iphone and money to kill their AT&T contract if they choose to do so. So, as an AT&T Iphone user, why go through the hassle and payments at the moment? AT&T also used another tactic to lock in their customers for another 2 years or so by offering earlier upgrades for 3GS users. Some are able to upgrade to the Iphone 4 a year or so before they're eligible (smart move).

I currently have a 3GS which works perfectly fine, but I do want to upgrade to the Iphone 4. I'm assuming with the work of getting the Iphone 4's ready for CDMA and what not there won't be another Iphone coming out for another year or so..what else can they possibly upgrade on the Iphone 4 though? This will probably be my last upgrade on the Apple Iphone.

What are your thoughts and have you noticed your AT&T upgrade eligibility as of  yet?

The Cutest Street Fighter: Chun Li

This is by far the cutest character ever; Street Fighter's Chun Li. I saw this little girl's picture when I was looking for Street Fighter IV information a while back and just thought of it again. Wanted to share with you one of the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Picture Origin Uknown.

First time I played Street Fighter was at the laundromat back when I was around 6 yrs of age or so. It was only Ryu and Ken that you were able to select, both have the same moves just one is supposedly Asian and the other White.

I couldn't win any fights, but I had the best time playing and using up our quarters that were supposed to be use for our clothes. My dad is one of the coolest. Before taking me to school every morning, he'd stop by 711 to pick up some coffee and give me some quarters to hit the arcade. I never win and playing means lasting only a minute or two, but growing up in my generation must've been the best thing ever. I feel sorry for this generation's kids, they miss out on everything that I had experienced. 80's and early 90's must've been the best times ever as far as arcades, music and cartoons is concerned.


What Makes You Stay Up?

Ever since I hit the "teen-age" years, I never really had a full night's sleep. I was either on the computer or on my playstation (1). And 10 years later, it's still the same, except this time it's either call of duty or my kids keeping me up. I don't know how I can go on each day with 2-3 hours of sleep everyday and still feel like I've slept my whole 8 hours. Once in a while, 8 hours will creep in and I'll wake up sluggish and slow, moping about more tired than normal. 

First time I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I didn't sleep for 3 days. What can I say, it was just that addicting. Also when I was first into the whole making money online agenda, I'd stay up all night nose in the books and eyes on the computer screen trying to find a way to make a "scheme" to create some return in investment. Now, after learning the tricks to the trade, I only do it part time and it's enough for me to grab a few things that I want. My wife?...she takes advantage of it, Lious Vuitton here and Gucci and Chanel there (not my thing). 

We bought a Nissan Armada (platinum edition) brand new a few months ago. Loves the car! Hates the gas usage!! We've already taken it to Minnesota and back, Virginia and back a few times as well. from 2-3 miles at start to 8k. The car is nice, very roomy for the 3 boys plus the dvd entertainment system keeps them glued to the screen and their mouths shut. Imagine 20 hours on the road with 3 boys all under 5 years of age!

I couldn't ask for more in life. I have a beautiful wife and 3 handsome boys (they get that from me). We have everything we need, with the exception of our own house to own. But that comes in time and we're in no rush as of yet. I do want my own "man-cave" so me and the fellas (women too if they're into sports) can have our super bowls and championship games. Thats the only thing I want in a house, the rest is whatever she wants. But the House Hunter episodes is making me antsy to get our own place!


Making Money Online Blogs: Tips and Tricks??

When I first started out researching on how to make money online, I landed on countless blogs about, noneother than, making money online. The blogs promised advises, suggestions, tips and tricks, and even ways of making money online; except I didn't really see that. I saw more of a, "here sign up with this and make money with me" blog. Internet marketers with blogs that offer ways of making money, don't always tell you HOW they make money. And I don't blame them, it's a tough niche and with a lot of competition, but! if you're going to say you're blog is going to offer ways of making money online, the least you can do is to show or tell us how you make money online!

I was one of the noobs out there, that signed up with everything, cpa's cpc's ppc's blahblahblah..any kind of acronym you can find, I've pretty much did it as well. Affiliate marketing was just something I should've researched more before jumping into. Yea, I've read the blogs out there promising that if you do this or that, and sign up under their affiliation you'll make money and win this prize or that prize and I, myself, played the fool and actually joined up under them. I made a few extra here and there but no ultimate payoff and no consistency. (Maybe it was just me, but i felt cheated haha)

If you're new to the game and is looking for someone to actually tell you how you can make money online, rather than showing you, then there are tons of blogs out there that will help you. If you're out there to find someone to tell how you can actually make money online...then keep on trucking. MY ADVICE - it's best to research thoroughly prior to making any kind of commitment with any affiliations. My experience alone taught me that, even though I wanted to be an overnight success...that didn't happen. But with patience, everything fell into place and is continuing there as well.


Time vs Money (What's More Important?)

A long time foe! Time and Money.

A lot of folks prefer money over time, but little do they know that time IS money!
If only I knew this before, I wouldn't have wasted so much time on making money. I would've put more effort into money making more time. Who can sit back and say that they don't have nothing else to do today, bored and still making money while they're in front of their TV catching up on the latest DVD release streamed from Netflix? I was never able to do that but it's a want for me as of right now instead of a need. (I've got 3 young kids that needs the benefit of insurance! haha)

Money made on a daily basis is one of the best feelings ever. Lets say you work 9-5. Gets paid every 2 weeks (or the first and 15th of the month). You're basically working 5 days a week 8 hours a day and what amount of time you have left, you try to do as much as you can until the next work day. THAT SUCKS! Let the money make more time for you instead of the other way around.  Make money in your sleep while you're dreaming, make money while you're stuck in traffic on the interstate trying to go down south to sit and do nothing on the beach. All you need to do is think outside the box. Instead of being trapped inside the box.

So what's more important to you? Time or Money?