The Cutest Street Fighter: Chun Li

This is by far the cutest character ever; Street Fighter's Chun Li. I saw this little girl's picture when I was looking for Street Fighter IV information a while back and just thought of it again. Wanted to share with you one of the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Picture Origin Uknown.

First time I played Street Fighter was at the laundromat back when I was around 6 yrs of age or so. It was only Ryu and Ken that you were able to select, both have the same moves just one is supposedly Asian and the other White.

I couldn't win any fights, but I had the best time playing and using up our quarters that were supposed to be use for our clothes. My dad is one of the coolest. Before taking me to school every morning, he'd stop by 711 to pick up some coffee and give me some quarters to hit the arcade. I never win and playing means lasting only a minute or two, but growing up in my generation must've been the best thing ever. I feel sorry for this generation's kids, they miss out on everything that I had experienced. 80's and early 90's must've been the best times ever as far as arcades, music and cartoons is concerned.

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