MWC Announcements!

So far we have had Nokia announce the release of two new mid to low end Windows Phone devices, the 720 & 520.  Asus has announced their PadFone Infinity which has some great looking specs.  Also Huawei was also given a little bit of the spotlight too, showcasing some of their new devices.   Mozilla pulled the wraps of of their new os and whats to come for the future of it. Looks interesting to say the least.  Samsung announced their Note 8.0 tablet and handed out invites to their March 14th event which is almost without any doubt for the announcement of the Galaxy SIV.  Lastly and more importantly or maybe the most disappointing was the announcement of not the LG Optimus Pro but the acquisition of Web OS might come to as a blow to the developer community in hopes of reviving the mobile platform of Web OS. Lg is apparently going to be using the patents for their new line of smart Televisions which may or may not be a good thing for Apple in the near future. As more trickles in I will be writing with updates. Happy Monday everyone!


Mobile World Congress a.k.a. MWC Is Here!!!

This is the week a lot of tech fans have been waiting for and for good reason. We are expecting big announcements from Samsung ie: SGSIV, Note 8.0 (Update: It's been advertised already) and more from many other manufacturers including Nokia, Zte, Asus, and more! This week should be an interesting one so hold on to your seats, pants, phones, whatever it is you hold on to just do it!


The Aftermath...

With Htc having their big announcement out of the way today was a day of numbers. Samsung might be losing out their exynos chips in the SGSIV, Qualcomm  is showing off the capabilities of their newest Snapdragon 800 processor, Blackberry units estimated to sell were slashed severely, Google stocks soared past the $800 mark, and Apple still has the No. 1 best selling phone. Now that the dust has settled this leads to whats next? We all know that Samsung has their Galaxy event in March and that it's going to be a doozy but what's after that? A slew of new Lg, Motorola, Samsung, and Htc devices that are not flagship phones but mid tiered ones or will there be something new that blows everyone out of the water? Apple is sure to have the marketing hype behind them again this year but historically they have been releasing the same thing over and over again but with slightly better hardware and a little change here and there. Simply put they are losing their "cool" as Woznack put it. So this leads who to be next in line for the underdog position? Questions, questions...



As the title clearly exhibits, there has been a lot of excitement around the Htc camp recently and for good reason. They have finally announced the highly anticipated Htc One code named M7 today and its a doozy. The phone looks amazing, on paper as well as aesthetically. It has a few really great software features as well mainly the ultrapixel processor. This thing is looking hot right now, but is it enough? Samsung will be announcing their Galaxy S IV in March which is just around the corner and it's supposed to be a top competitor for Apples next baby, but has Htc come far enough to compete with these big contenders? Well lets look at the trend. Samsung and Apple both have deep pockets and huge marketing campaigns to back them up which Htc never has really done. So what has made Htc able to compete with the big guys besides the original Evo? Good hardware, plain and simple or maybe not so plain and simple. They come up with some great products and innovative software too. The problem is however that even with great hardware you need marketing to push it out the doors, not mid tier devices to saturate an already over crowded market. Htc has great phones for sure but a lot of low to middle tier phones too that just don't necessarily need to be pushed out the doors. Predictions for Htc well here's the hard part, if you look at the company from a historical stand point then it's easy to say that they can overcome any obstacle in their way but without marketing it's going to be a tough pill to make consumers swallow if all they see if a couple of web blogs and websites promoting their devices for a day or two while it's still new and freshly baked out of the oven. We live in a world where fresh is best and in order to make something stay fresh it needs to be ahead of the game in more ways than one.


Playstation 4, HTC Announcement Tomorrow, And Anticipation For The Samsung Galaxy SIV

Well tomorrow at 10am Pacific Time Htc will be announcing a few new devices, one of which is the highly anticipated Htc M7 or Htc One but it might have a tablet up its sleeve too according to phonearena.com sources. The phone is supposedly going to include an "Ultrapixel" camera which is said to have four different layers to it to enhance clarity and sharpness of images processed. Also in news Samsung supposedly is announcing the SGSIV on March 14th according to BGR sources. LG also made official its Optimus G Pro today which looks to be a good competitor for Htc Dna and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
In other news Playstation 4 specs are being tossed around the web as well as release dates in which we should know something on the 20th of this month. That's about it for today and as always thanks for reading.


Happy Valentines Day Black Berry!

So today was not a great day for everyone. Valentines day isn't always about the love and break ups do happen. For example former co-CEO Jim Balsillie sold the remaining amount of his stocks of former Rim now Black Berry signaling that things aren't looking up. To top it off Home Depot said bye bye BB hello iPhone which really hurts when putting into perspective that it just lost 10,000 users from that raw deal. So again I say for Black Berry are you going to be the next Palm? Time will tell and the answer leans toward yes.
In other news and somewhat better news HTC supposedly is releasing their M7/One device in March and the specs just keep getting sweeter. Also Samsung possibly gave the world a sneak peek of the Galaxy Note 8.0 which is looking to be a competitive runner up to Apples mini tablet. Samsung also is gaining momentum with the anticipated release of the Galaxy S IV which will be shown to the world hopefully very soon. For all the single people out there today raise your glasses tonight for it could always be worse for you out there, just look at Black Berry and give them a shout out for A for effort! As always thanks for reading.


LG Announces Three New Devices & Songza!

So this week in the news we have Lg announcing their L Optimus line. The phones all have decent specs but nothing to scream about. Also in the Lg family we have a drool worthy Lg Optimus G Pro which will be released in Korea first and hopefully will make its way to U.S. shores in the coming months. Specs can be seen at this link from phonearena.com here. Lg Optimus G Pro
Htc Dna is on sale through wirefly for $49 if you are a new customer and $99 fro upgrading customers. It is also supposedly receiving an update within the next few weeks too.
Also today I am personally going to write a quick review for an app that deserves some attention. It's available on ios and android too! The app called songza basically is like Pandora but made just for your mood. It basically makes choices on songs based on your responses to a series of questions and has thumbs up and down features such as other music players out there but is more personalized and has a plethora of songs that is entailed to your responses to its questions. It goes as far as asking what kind of work environment you are in and what your mood is. Definitely a noteworthy app to check out!


LG, Nexus line & Google

So in the recent past we have heard of the Nexus devices from Google as being the most stock version of Android possible. Most recent devices include the Lg Nexus 4, Samsung Nexus 10, Asus Nexus 7 and then previous entries in the Nexus line from Samsung. So I am wondering with all the rooting and roms available for making so many Android devices custom to stock Android how will the future of the Nexus line be affected and will the name stay the same? It's interesting to see how many custom roms are out there now and how will Google maintain its competitiveness with their Nexus line and what will happen with Motorola? Also as other open source operating systems begin to be on the rise such as Ubuntu and possibly Firefox mobile os will Google maintain its edge? Time will tell but I have a feeling that Google will come up with something to put the masses at ease at least for a while. Oh other announcements if you want an almost clone to the Lg Nexus 4, Sprint is offering a buy one get one free for the Optimus G.


Blackberry Z10, LG Optimu G Pro & More

So reviews are starting to trickle out for the Blackberry Z10 and they are as expected, mediocre at best. Poor performance overall, confusing interface, key apps missing, and less than average battery life. Things aren't looking great for the new flagship model for Blackberry. To top it of Windows Phone took third place for mobile operating systems as was predicted by the crew here a while back. Time will tell but it looks like another Palm scenario all over. In more positive news we have heard of the LG Optimus G Pro which looks to have some nice specs paired with it. We are looking at a full HD screen, a 3140 mAh battery, 13 megapixel camera, micro sd card slot, quad core processor. It's looking sweet here but we will hopefully see son enough. Asus has also announced that they will debut at MWC which hopefully will be a new Fonepad or something in that category. Microsoft Surface Pro was reviewed and its hit and miss, poor battery life and memory is gobbled up by the partition and os yet the screen is pretty nice and functionality is pretty good so it's so so here. Other than that Htc is hyping up their flagship the M7 and it's looking to be a good start for them. Hopefully they will be able to compete with the big guys this year such as Samsung and Apple. So that's it for this morning people. Thanks for reading!


Blackberry, Htc, Samsung & Apple:It's Monday?

So quick recap for the weekend. Ravens win Super Bowl, Htc is said to use an ultra pixel sensor on their latest Flagship phone the M7, Samsung might be having a flexible display on one of their new devices, Nokia might possibly be in the race for a Windows tablet, Blackberry had a few commercials out for Super Bowl which had nothing to do with the phones actual capabilities(go figure), Apples iPhone 5 jailbreak was announced for 6.1, and that's about it thus far. Overall a mild weekend other than the Super Bowl. Hope everyone enjoyed theirs.


Flagships for 2013!

With all the hype around the RIM Blackberry have been other Manufacturers that have been brewing up some stellar hardware for release within the next few months. HTC for one has announced, unofficially, the M7 which is supposed to have some pretty amazing specs of its own, including a 13mp rear facing camera and then their is the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIV. The SGSIV is rumored to be carrying the new exynos octagon processor in it as well as support a full 1080p high definition screen. Is anyone due for an upgrade this year who likes their Android phones? Well it seems that this is going to be a good year for Android lovers. Also in talks with Verizon and Windows Phone there is supposedly a new Nokia Windows Phone that will be released in the next few months as well. I am an avid fan of the Windows Phone OS and have yet to find any major reason to not like it, minus the small selection of apps of course. As far as for Apple I hope that if they do release an Iphone 5s then at least it has a new form factor or something different for God's sake. That's all I have for today. Enjoy the read and if you are interested in checking out the rumored specs on the devices I mentioned click the links below for my friends at BGR.
Galaxy S IV
Iphone 5S


BlackBerry 10 Poll. To leave or not to leave, that is the question of the day.

Ok, I had to do it but let me know what your thoughts are with this poll. BlackBerry 10 Poll

Rehash on Rim/Blackberry and Some Other Daily News

Phonearena.com posted an article of an interview with an executive from Blackberry and it's pretty evident Blackberry is not ready in any way shape or form to compete with Ios or Android. Hate to say it but this was predicted. Heres the link below.
Blackberry Interview Gone Wrong

The unfortunate thing for Rim/Blackberry is that it's playing a game of too little too late in the minds of consumers. I am not saying that is the actual case but as far as the consumer market goes it appears that faith has been lost in Rim/Blackberry as a whole. If you go back to 2009 you can see another company that went through similar trials and did a complete overhaul of the Os called Web Os. Palm announced at CES in January 2009 their new hero device along with their savior operating system. It was reviewed rather well and took home awards that year. Things were looking great for a while with the exclusivity they had with Sprint and the innovation behind the Os, until things went south of course. Sprint also had another big announcement months later with the HTC Evo and that was just the beginning of the downfall for Palm. Os issues with update after update, outdated hardware with the release of newer better devices around every corner and of course the eventual sell out to a company that made an impossible promise, Hp. Rim in many ways appears to be going in the same direction here and it's been said that other companies have been looking at an eventual buyout. Speculation and rumor of course, but in a market where bigger is better and everyone is looking for the next best thing, well it's kind of hard to look the other way when history is seemingly repeating.
In other news HTC is prepping their new flagship device for three US mobile carriers to be available on launch day. Guess which one may not be ready on launch day? If you guessed Verizon then you have been reading phonearena.com and good job. Apparently the device will be ready for Sprint, T-Mob, & AT&T on the announcement day but not for Verizon. Why? Possibly because the DNA is the star of the show on Verizon right now and the specs are too similar to justify launching another HTC flagship device so closely together, or perhaps it's not ready for prime time with Verizons network. Whatever the reasons it looks like there might be a delay.
Thanks for reading folks and have a great day!