Happy Valentines Day Black Berry!

So today was not a great day for everyone. Valentines day isn't always about the love and break ups do happen. For example former co-CEO Jim Balsillie sold the remaining amount of his stocks of former Rim now Black Berry signaling that things aren't looking up. To top it off Home Depot said bye bye BB hello iPhone which really hurts when putting into perspective that it just lost 10,000 users from that raw deal. So again I say for Black Berry are you going to be the next Palm? Time will tell and the answer leans toward yes.
In other news and somewhat better news HTC supposedly is releasing their M7/One device in March and the specs just keep getting sweeter. Also Samsung possibly gave the world a sneak peek of the Galaxy Note 8.0 which is looking to be a competitive runner up to Apples mini tablet. Samsung also is gaining momentum with the anticipated release of the Galaxy S IV which will be shown to the world hopefully very soon. For all the single people out there today raise your glasses tonight for it could always be worse for you out there, just look at Black Berry and give them a shout out for A for effort! As always thanks for reading.

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