Playstation 4, HTC Announcement Tomorrow, And Anticipation For The Samsung Galaxy SIV

Well tomorrow at 10am Pacific Time Htc will be announcing a few new devices, one of which is the highly anticipated Htc M7 or Htc One but it might have a tablet up its sleeve too according to phonearena.com sources. The phone is supposedly going to include an "Ultrapixel" camera which is said to have four different layers to it to enhance clarity and sharpness of images processed. Also in news Samsung supposedly is announcing the SGSIV on March 14th according to BGR sources. LG also made official its Optimus G Pro today which looks to be a good competitor for Htc Dna and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
In other news Playstation 4 specs are being tossed around the web as well as release dates in which we should know something on the 20th of this month. That's about it for today and as always thanks for reading.

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