As the title clearly exhibits, there has been a lot of excitement around the Htc camp recently and for good reason. They have finally announced the highly anticipated Htc One code named M7 today and its a doozy. The phone looks amazing, on paper as well as aesthetically. It has a few really great software features as well mainly the ultrapixel processor. This thing is looking hot right now, but is it enough? Samsung will be announcing their Galaxy S IV in March which is just around the corner and it's supposed to be a top competitor for Apples next baby, but has Htc come far enough to compete with these big contenders? Well lets look at the trend. Samsung and Apple both have deep pockets and huge marketing campaigns to back them up which Htc never has really done. So what has made Htc able to compete with the big guys besides the original Evo? Good hardware, plain and simple or maybe not so plain and simple. They come up with some great products and innovative software too. The problem is however that even with great hardware you need marketing to push it out the doors, not mid tier devices to saturate an already over crowded market. Htc has great phones for sure but a lot of low to middle tier phones too that just don't necessarily need to be pushed out the doors. Predictions for Htc well here's the hard part, if you look at the company from a historical stand point then it's easy to say that they can overcome any obstacle in their way but without marketing it's going to be a tough pill to make consumers swallow if all they see if a couple of web blogs and websites promoting their devices for a day or two while it's still new and freshly baked out of the oven. We live in a world where fresh is best and in order to make something stay fresh it needs to be ahead of the game in more ways than one.

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