Blackberry Z10, LG Optimu G Pro & More

So reviews are starting to trickle out for the Blackberry Z10 and they are as expected, mediocre at best. Poor performance overall, confusing interface, key apps missing, and less than average battery life. Things aren't looking great for the new flagship model for Blackberry. To top it of Windows Phone took third place for mobile operating systems as was predicted by the crew here a while back. Time will tell but it looks like another Palm scenario all over. In more positive news we have heard of the LG Optimus G Pro which looks to have some nice specs paired with it. We are looking at a full HD screen, a 3140 mAh battery, 13 megapixel camera, micro sd card slot, quad core processor. It's looking sweet here but we will hopefully see son enough. Asus has also announced that they will debut at MWC which hopefully will be a new Fonepad or something in that category. Microsoft Surface Pro was reviewed and its hit and miss, poor battery life and memory is gobbled up by the partition and os yet the screen is pretty nice and functionality is pretty good so it's so so here. Other than that Htc is hyping up their flagship the M7 and it's looking to be a good start for them. Hopefully they will be able to compete with the big guys this year such as Samsung and Apple. So that's it for this morning people. Thanks for reading!

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