LG, Nexus line & Google

So in the recent past we have heard of the Nexus devices from Google as being the most stock version of Android possible. Most recent devices include the Lg Nexus 4, Samsung Nexus 10, Asus Nexus 7 and then previous entries in the Nexus line from Samsung. So I am wondering with all the rooting and roms available for making so many Android devices custom to stock Android how will the future of the Nexus line be affected and will the name stay the same? It's interesting to see how many custom roms are out there now and how will Google maintain its competitiveness with their Nexus line and what will happen with Motorola? Also as other open source operating systems begin to be on the rise such as Ubuntu and possibly Firefox mobile os will Google maintain its edge? Time will tell but I have a feeling that Google will come up with something to put the masses at ease at least for a while. Oh other announcements if you want an almost clone to the Lg Nexus 4, Sprint is offering a buy one get one free for the Optimus G.

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Tommy Oeur said...

mumzzy Rom is the $hit! thanks bro... and Google only gets better with time like wine ;)