Flagships for 2013!

With all the hype around the RIM Blackberry have been other Manufacturers that have been brewing up some stellar hardware for release within the next few months. HTC for one has announced, unofficially, the M7 which is supposed to have some pretty amazing specs of its own, including a 13mp rear facing camera and then their is the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIV. The SGSIV is rumored to be carrying the new exynos octagon processor in it as well as support a full 1080p high definition screen. Is anyone due for an upgrade this year who likes their Android phones? Well it seems that this is going to be a good year for Android lovers. Also in talks with Verizon and Windows Phone there is supposedly a new Nokia Windows Phone that will be released in the next few months as well. I am an avid fan of the Windows Phone OS and have yet to find any major reason to not like it, minus the small selection of apps of course. As far as for Apple I hope that if they do release an Iphone 5s then at least it has a new form factor or something different for God's sake. That's all I have for today. Enjoy the read and if you are interested in checking out the rumored specs on the devices I mentioned click the links below for my friends at BGR.
Galaxy S IV
Iphone 5S

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