Rehash on Rim/Blackberry and Some Other Daily News

Phonearena.com posted an article of an interview with an executive from Blackberry and it's pretty evident Blackberry is not ready in any way shape or form to compete with Ios or Android. Hate to say it but this was predicted. Heres the link below.
Blackberry Interview Gone Wrong

The unfortunate thing for Rim/Blackberry is that it's playing a game of too little too late in the minds of consumers. I am not saying that is the actual case but as far as the consumer market goes it appears that faith has been lost in Rim/Blackberry as a whole. If you go back to 2009 you can see another company that went through similar trials and did a complete overhaul of the Os called Web Os. Palm announced at CES in January 2009 their new hero device along with their savior operating system. It was reviewed rather well and took home awards that year. Things were looking great for a while with the exclusivity they had with Sprint and the innovation behind the Os, until things went south of course. Sprint also had another big announcement months later with the HTC Evo and that was just the beginning of the downfall for Palm. Os issues with update after update, outdated hardware with the release of newer better devices around every corner and of course the eventual sell out to a company that made an impossible promise, Hp. Rim in many ways appears to be going in the same direction here and it's been said that other companies have been looking at an eventual buyout. Speculation and rumor of course, but in a market where bigger is better and everyone is looking for the next best thing, well it's kind of hard to look the other way when history is seemingly repeating.
In other news HTC is prepping their new flagship device for three US mobile carriers to be available on launch day. Guess which one may not be ready on launch day? If you guessed Verizon then you have been reading phonearena.com and good job. Apparently the device will be ready for Sprint, T-Mob, & AT&T on the announcement day but not for Verizon. Why? Possibly because the DNA is the star of the show on Verizon right now and the specs are too similar to justify launching another HTC flagship device so closely together, or perhaps it's not ready for prime time with Verizons network. Whatever the reasons it looks like there might be a delay.
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