LG Announces Three New Devices & Songza!

So this week in the news we have Lg announcing their L Optimus line. The phones all have decent specs but nothing to scream about. Also in the Lg family we have a drool worthy Lg Optimus G Pro which will be released in Korea first and hopefully will make its way to U.S. shores in the coming months. Specs can be seen at this link from phonearena.com here. Lg Optimus G Pro
Htc Dna is on sale through wirefly for $49 if you are a new customer and $99 fro upgrading customers. It is also supposedly receiving an update within the next few weeks too.
Also today I am personally going to write a quick review for an app that deserves some attention. It's available on ios and android too! The app called songza basically is like Pandora but made just for your mood. It basically makes choices on songs based on your responses to a series of questions and has thumbs up and down features such as other music players out there but is more personalized and has a plethora of songs that is entailed to your responses to its questions. It goes as far as asking what kind of work environment you are in and what your mood is. Definitely a noteworthy app to check out!

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