AT&T Locked Customers; Verizon Iphone Due Out By Valentine's Day

According to BusinessWeek, Apple may be accouncing a CDMA version fo the Iphone 4 that will work with Verizon's network by Valentine's Day! This is supposed to happen sometime after CES in Las Vegas early January.

Verizon's ability to sell Apple Iphones is not expected to be that big of a blow to AT&T because majority of the customers are locked in their contract for another 2 years, or mainly because why go through the hassle of the switch. Even if AT&T customers do want to switch over to Verizon, they will have to pay out more money than what they're spending on the AT&T bills right now. Money for Verizon's Iphone and money to kill their AT&T contract if they choose to do so. So, as an AT&T Iphone user, why go through the hassle and payments at the moment? AT&T also used another tactic to lock in their customers for another 2 years or so by offering earlier upgrades for 3GS users. Some are able to upgrade to the Iphone 4 a year or so before they're eligible (smart move).

I currently have a 3GS which works perfectly fine, but I do want to upgrade to the Iphone 4. I'm assuming with the work of getting the Iphone 4's ready for CDMA and what not there won't be another Iphone coming out for another year or so..what else can they possibly upgrade on the Iphone 4 though? This will probably be my last upgrade on the Apple Iphone.

What are your thoughts and have you noticed your AT&T upgrade eligibility as of  yet?

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