$49 Apple Iphone 3GS - MAC App Store

AT&T announced that they're Iphone 3GS (8gb) is going to be sellling for $49 (with 2 yr agreement and data plan of course). The move is logical since AT&T is going to lose its exclusivity with the Apple Iphone soon. The Iphone 3GS was $199 at first, then lowered to $99. I bought mine when it was $99, but the 3GS (IMO) is old news and probably won't sell that much.

My 3GS works great, no problems of locking up freezing or lag, however the only issue I have current is just the delay of FaceBook comments and what not, but that's important so I don't really care for it.

With this news, Apple launched its Mac App Store (ahead of schedule as well). If you don't see it anywhere on your Mac, then you probably haven't downloaded the latest Mac OS X update v10.6.6. You can do this by going to the "software update" by clicking on the Apple icon. The Mac App Store has more than 1,000 apps (paid and free). It's simple and easy to use, plus its basically the desktop version of the iOS. 
(BTW: I always dislike updating my Mac, just because I hate rebooting my computer, but the updates is always something worth the minute long trouble.)

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