Verizon IPhone 1-11-11

It seems like the tease is finally over, and tomorrow, Verizon will finally confirm the speculated rumors that the Iphone is added to their lineup..we'll see tomorrow if this is the case or not, most likey it is!

It seems like a lot of people I know is jumping the gun and actually is dropping AT&T today and going to sign up with Verizon tomorrow. I say that move isn't necessary. Why not wait out the craziness and see what kind of complaints, issues and problems Verizon will face with the IPhone at the start? With any other carrier, Iphone will have some issues even with the Verizon network.

Should everybody jump now into Verizon's wagon or wait until the Iphone 5 comes out this summer around June? If so, what kind of features will the Iphone 5 grace us with? For me the IPhone 4 simply has everything already that is needed by the users (unless you're looking for more "development" features).

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