T-Mobile Mocks the iPhone on Both At&t and Verizon

You've seen the T-Mobile commercials attacking the iPhone on the At&t network, well now T-Mobile is taking jabs at both At&t and Verizon's iPhone usage.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if you're on 4G, if you're hardware isn't as appealing then what's the point. When I say appealing, I'm not talking about the exterior, I'm talking about....well the iPhone. I'm not an "Apple fanboy" or anything, I'll give credit where credit is due, but T-Mobile now seems pathetic and desperate to me. Yes, you're on a 4G network that does not exist, and then what?

I'm on At&t's network and despite what the majority says about the dropped calls and 3G slowness, I haven't had any problems with my iPhone at all. I haven't had a dropped call and my service is perfect, even in my basement where I once had T-Mobile and I had no reception until I walked back up the steps from my basement. So, T-Mobile, you suck as well.

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mclifford81 said...

Interesting commercial, T-mobile advertises the Largest 4g network yet they are running hspa+ not Wimax or LTE which in theory isn't true 4g, but then again neither are the others mentioned. Here's a link some of yhttp://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/is-t-mobiles-hspa-really-as-fast-as-4g-wimax/ou might be interested in.