Time vs Money (What's More Important?)

A long time foe! Time and Money.

A lot of folks prefer money over time, but little do they know that time IS money!
If only I knew this before, I wouldn't have wasted so much time on making money. I would've put more effort into money making more time. Who can sit back and say that they don't have nothing else to do today, bored and still making money while they're in front of their TV catching up on the latest DVD release streamed from Netflix? I was never able to do that but it's a want for me as of right now instead of a need. (I've got 3 young kids that needs the benefit of insurance! haha)

Money made on a daily basis is one of the best feelings ever. Lets say you work 9-5. Gets paid every 2 weeks (or the first and 15th of the month). You're basically working 5 days a week 8 hours a day and what amount of time you have left, you try to do as much as you can until the next work day. THAT SUCKS! Let the money make more time for you instead of the other way around.  Make money in your sleep while you're dreaming, make money while you're stuck in traffic on the interstate trying to go down south to sit and do nothing on the beach. All you need to do is think outside the box. Instead of being trapped inside the box.

So what's more important to you? Time or Money?

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