This week in the news! Samsung Galaxy S IV!!

Last week was a relatively slow one so sorry for the lack of posts. This week we are starting up on the headline of Samsung's new Galaxy S IV which should be announced on the 14th of this month in NYC. So far a plethora of leaks have been displayed all over the web. Video hype as well as other spec leaks have been all but shown reaffirming the hype for the new phone. Other news this week it looks like the petition for making unlocking phones not illegal has taken a turn for the better. Windows and Nokia apparently have a new model coming out for Verizon which may or may not be a great deviceOther than that there have been talks of Apples new wrist watch, Blackberry Z10 not being carried by Sprint, and Sony making high goals of shooting for number three in the mobile market. That's all for today and as always if anything new or exciting pops up today I will be updating as I hear, read, or see it. 

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