No Eye Scrolling For Samsung S IV!? Sim City issues? HTC One delayed!?

Well we already knew that the U.S. version wasn't going to be carrying the octagon processor but another blow came today that we might also be missing out on the eye scrolling technology. Does this really concern anyone out there? Is it really a useful feature or just a gimmicky ploy to make the phone seem more desirable and top notch? Well for starters the eye scrolling technology was/is supposed to be implemented for ease of use with reading things on the screen such as emails, webpages, books, etc. So it is necessary or a make or break deal? I personally don't think so but it would have been a nice feature to have nonetheless.
Microsoft looks to be recruiting for Windows Phone 9 just in time for the next holiday season and looks to be using Nokia and HTC with Qualcomm per the norm. Motorola looks to have a new mystery device with mid range specs coming soon as well.  Oh and how about this concept phone up top courtesy of Phone Arena and Apple Conspiracy. That's a nice looking concept phone. In other news we have the delay of the HTC One and Sim City Fiasco. Look for an live update tomorrow for Samsung's event in New York and thanks for reading!

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