Samsung's big week and Xolo too?

So this Thursday most of the tech world is well aware of Samsung's announcement of their flagship the Galaxy S IV but there is another company who is making an announcement ahead of Samsungs to try to steal some of the spotlight. Xolo is claiming to have the fastest Intel smartphone ever. This company isn't known nearly as well as some other competitors worldwide but it will be interesting to see what they come out with to try to compete in todays competitive market. Also we have more Motorola rumors going on about their "X" phone for Google, with some pretty impressive looking specs. As some of you may know we have announced that we will be doing a live blog feed of the upcoming Samsung even in New York this Thursday courtesy of one of our editors, Khalid A. So this week should be an event filled one. As always thanks for reading! Here's another teaser link for the SGSIV!

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