Blackberry Available For AT&T Today & More!

Blackberry has the Z10 available through AT&T today and I for one am curious as to how they will sell. Apparently Thorsten Heins has said that they have a even better device in the works for the holidays. Double edged sword? Maybe but who knows how the consumers will respond to this news and how it will affect the Z10 sales. I for one think history repeats itself and Blackberry has been brushed off as another Palm. In other news we have ZTE bringing to light the Grand X Quad which looks to be a pretty decent device and a sibling to the Grand S running a quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz. HTC says the One will be available in the US at the end of April which may or not be a good thing since Samsung Galaxy S IV will be available just around the corner. Lastly here's a bit of info on T-Mobile value plans and that's it so far!

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