A month with HTC 8X & Samsung Galaxy S3 & Iphone

One month in with the Htc 8x, SGS3, and Iphone 4s and I can say each has their strengths and weaknesses. I will start with the iPhone 4s/5 as I have owned both of them. The built in mapping is well, I guess I do not even need to say. It's just bad, period. The newest updates have plagued the phone with short battery life, security holes, and even made the phones internals get warm to the touch. The newest update has seemed to fix the battery life, somewhat, and it's not hot to the touch anymore either but still there is the security loop hole for the screen lock. Overall though performance is about the same on the iPhone 4s as it always has been as well as the iPhone 5. On to the Samsung Galaxy S 3. For overall features and performance this is a hard one to beat yet it has its shortcomings. The screen is barely visible outdoors when the sun is at its highest. The stock keyboard is not the best I have had the pleasure of testing either. I also have had a few lagging issues from time to time switching between apps, especially after adding swift key to replace my stock keyboard. Yet this phone is still a great phone overall performance and feature wise its a great phone overall. Lastly this brings me to the Htc 8X Windows Phone. Of all the phones I have had the time to test out and go through the paces with I have to say this is the easiest and most performance friendly phone. Let me clarify performance friendly. It works and works well, touch responsiveness is amazing, the phone in general is super sensitive to touch and responds well to overall text input and its predictive text learns from your conversations rather smoothly. The designated camera button is a nice feature though the lack of panorama view without an third party app is much needed. Pictures come out pretty clear but really need a focus option before taking the picture. Wireless charging is always nice to have to though not a necessity. Overall sound and volume from the speaker and the earpiece are loud enough even for someone who is down the hall to here. Ease of use is surprisingly good as well. The phone has its shortcomings, mainly the camera and the limited apps, however this is a newer mobile os for Windows and there are plenty of apps out there such as Spotify, Slacker Radio, Ebay, Facebook, Pandora(free for a year coming) and more. Overall I would personally say the Htc 8X has been my favorite phone so far but with so many new devices around the corner to come we will see what I have in my pocket in a few months.

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