T-Mobile's Big Surprise Err Not So Much Surprise

So today T-Mob announced(officially) their new uncarrier plans and that they will be carrying the iPhone 5, $99 on contract, as well as the Samsung Galaxy SIV. The cool thing here is that you can buy a phone and pay an up front fee without having to be in a contract. In theory this is awesome right? Well there's always a catch. Yes you pay a small up front fee and only $20 a month for 20 months which is $500 for an iPhone 5 but if you decide to leave T-Mobile and go elsewhere you have to pay for the phone up front of make monthly payments until the phone can be unlocked from T-Mobile and used elsewhere. So is that necessarily a bad thing? Not really but it's still a catch but hey they have to look out for themselves someway. In other news T-Mobile has the Blackberry Z10 available today and lets just say the trend I saw with AT&T is sticking. No marketing and reps barely knew anything about the device. Either Rim hasn't been sending out enough field reps for training in store reps or something is amiss.

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