Recap on 2012 phones I have owned

So it's been way too long since I have done an update on here and I cannot even begin to apologize for my laziness. This article is going to be short but sweet. Basically it's a checklist of phones I went through last year and my thoughts and reviews. As of 2012 I went through the Motorola Bionic, Iphone 4, Iphone 4s,  Iphone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3,   HTC DNA,  HTC 8X. These are all in order according to how much I like them and rate them. Bionic needs no introduction as it was somewhat of a flop in my opinion, a lot of hype but not much punch, score 6. Iphone 4, 4s, 5 I will sum up in as little as possible in order not to write all day about it. Basically each one has small incremental upgrades to the ram, camera, processor, or screen size. Overall score in order would be 8, 8.5, 9. Nuff said. SGS3 well that was a great phone, speedy, relatively fluid, decent screen resolution, not so great outdoors and stock touch screen was not always responsive, but overall I give the phone a 8.5. The HTC DNA has an amazing screen, great resolution, visible outdoors, responsive, good touch screen but maybe a little too large, and overall great performance, score 9. Lastly HTC 8X, what can I say, it's Windows Mobile 8 and as much as I have bashed them in the past I can honestly say that this phone along with the OS is amazing, sure it's not IOS or Android and needs more infrastructure in the apps section but this phone is AWESOME! Great responsiveness given the dual core snapdragon S4, good photos and speedy camera, touch responsiveness and predictive texting is phenomenal, over all call quality is great as well, Beats Audio is more a hype than anything but it fares well. Load times for stock internet explorer are amazingly fast when compared to the SGS3 and DNA and scrolling was a breeze as well. Screen resolution on this phone is higher than an Iphone and easily viewed in outdoor situations. Down sides, maybe the build quality overall could have been more sturdy feeling and lack of apps like Pandora and Square?!? Really? Good news though, I contacted Pandora and was told by a rep that they are working out a deal that should pass by the end of January 2013 for Pandora with a free year subscription! So overall score on the phone I'd say 9.25 which fares slightly over the DNA mainly because the phone is comfortable in the hand and the responsiveness is amazing. Hopefully I will be updating on more new releases soon, really looking forward to testing out a Blackberry 10 unit soon. Thanks for reading!

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