Rims Big Or Not So Big Day Tomorrow

So as most of the tech world knows tomorrow is a make or break day for Rim. At least in a sense of how the next year is going to look for them.  At 10 AM tomorrow 01/30/2013 Rim will unveil the curtains on their new BB 10 OS and X10 and Z10 units. So far this is a highly anticipated event for many consumers that have a close place in their heart for Rim and even the not so close to heart. The OS has a complete overhaul when compared to its dated BB OS that is out now. With that said we shall see tomorrow how everyone responds and just how much Rim is banking on their new Savior OS and devices.
Other news Htc is having a press conference on the 19th of February possibly unveiling their M7 device, more rumors and speculation on Apples new iPad and iPhones, and lastly Lg Google Nexus 4 is back in stock. Have a good day readers!

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