The Future Of Rim

So with the announcement of Rims new Blackberry 10 devices and Os coming in the next few days there is much stir and anticipated excitement. Maybe even some anxiety? For good reason it is possible that Rim is hyping up its product for a possible stock increase and then sell of its mobile division. As a few other sites have suggested, Lenovo is possibly eyeing the purchase of its mobile division and if so what is the future of Rim overall? Time will tell but I will make a premature prediction that within the year we will see three dominant mobile operating systems and Blackberry will not be in that tier. Windows, IOS, and Android all have a pretty solid future, even with Windows Mobile being the underdog in the three it still has the backing and history to potentially become a serious competitor and possibly threat to IOS or Android in the not so distant future. With this said Blackberry has a make or break year ahead of them and with all the hype and marketing going into it will it be enough? Time will tell..

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