Htc 8X First Month

Well if anyone knows me or what I do as a hobby on the side they will say that I don't keep things very long when it comes to cars, women, or cell phones. The first two however are not so much a priority at this time. I will say though that I have owned the Htc 8X now for more than three weeks and am going into week four as I write this post. So far this phone is still keeping me amazed by the responsiveness and the just ease of use of getting from one application to another and I am still learning everyday. I will start out with the pros and work my way into the cons which are few and far between.

Pros: Touch responsiveness, ease of use, screen resolution and viewing angles, speedy camera and designated camera button, solid sound quality, simplistic operations, word documents, built in photo editor, Lte, good signal strength, wireless charging, and great sync capabilities with Google and Facebook.

Now for the negatives and again I reiterate that they are minimal but annoying and apparent.

Cons: App store is missing some of the big more well known apps(ie:Pandora), Facebook app needs a lot of work, no gmail app or google maps app, limited in camera functions, the built in maps is weak and defers you to verizon navigator for actual voice gps, build quality at times is questionable only due to the screen being almost too sensitive at times.

With that said I am pretty well satisfied with the phone overall and plan on keeping it for a while or until I find something to better entertain me that works well.

Update: Pandora does plan on supporting Windows 8 which I confirmed with Pandora and will be giving a year subscription for free!

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