Rim, Apple, Windows, Android & The Other Guys

So today I am simply writing just to recap on the outlook of things thus far for the year. Simply put just throwing out random predictions. Rim it's do or die and only time will tell withing the next few weeks how consumers will respond to the new hardware and software being released by the once Canadian giant. Prediction.... It's not looking good in my opinion. Apple rumors have been flying off the shelves per usual like hotcakes and so far its Iphone 5s, 6 to a cheaper model that loks like a ugly step child from the ipod touch and ipod classic mash up. Ios 6.1 released today, lets see how the battery drain issues hold up. Windows, what can I say about them other than I am still impressed, no blown away by the ease of use and simplicity of the overall os. However their app store is severely lacking in some very necessary apps, where's Pandora, Square, I heart radio, Instagram? Android well I am predicting a good year for Samsung with their SGSIV and also HTC for their Flagship models. This leaves the other guys, ubuntu, possibly firefox, etc. People are looking for intuitiveness, exclusivity, great hype, marketing, responsiveness, and ease of use. So it's a saturated open ball game here as to which small guy will make it on top if any. Another prediction is Windows will have a year to catch up and actually compete with the bigger guys ie Android & Apple if they market right and come out with some great apps and work with manufacturers for better hardware. Other than that this is all I have for today people. Hit me up with any questions or thoughts and thanks for reading.

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