Apple's one bad apple...

So this is going to sound like a rehash for many readers on here and my facebook friends but I have to go over the reason why Apple is setting itself up to fail, regardless of stock skyrocketing. Let's go back and take a look at some other companies historically. Palm was the first big contender that actually brought mobile operating systems to light and was doing well up until they got a bit too monotonous and decided that too much change wasn't always the best thing but lost touch with the fact that with new technology brings new change and if you don't keep up then you are setting yourself up to fail, even if you have amazing software, web os..Rim is scarily close to going the same path that Palm did but has noticed that their overconfidence in their product is finally catching up to them, maybe too little too late. This brings things to the next biggest potential failure.. Apple, yes I said Apple.. Mainly I am referring to their iOS and Iphone as they are on a steady trend to making the same mistakes Palm and Rim have. Overconfidence can lead to failure and in Apples latest attempt at the next best thing the trend is starting to set in. Hardware is new but dated, software is new but not really new if you look at other mobile operating systems that are still around and even not(Web OS, Android). With the new Iphone we have added hardware which was needed but it still doesn't resolve any issues that it had prior.. It added a new processor so its faster, well that's nice but it doesn't mean a hill of beans if its not coming out with anything till next year while Android is coming out on new phones every week with new processors that are powerful and fully capable of keeping power consumption and performance levels. Apple added half an inch to their phone but in height not in width which makes it harder for people with small hands to navigate, sure its nice for more viewing room but an extra row of apps wouldn't really be considered revolutionary. Lte has been added but it still can't handle voice and data at the same time on Verizon or Sprints networks which really means you are just getting faster data speeds and Android phones have been capable of the latter for quite sometime now on all networks. The camera on the rear is exactly the same camera as before but some software modifications have been able to make the pictures look slightly sharper, hmm not impressive since Nokia has been advertising their pure view technology for a few months now. The front face camera is better and finally not a vga resolution camera but still this is all old technology. The only thing the Iphone 5 besides the processor and ram bumps has going for it is iOS 6 and that's not even a great enhancement when compared to other mobile operating systems that have had these features for years now. Apples iOS 6 brings laggy wifi to the mix, a very poor mapping application to the table and bugs every which way you look. Camera doesn't want to save photos too bad guess you will have to reset and restore from backup, can't get wifi signal well there's an info page on that too, don't understand why the maps are telling you that you are at your destination when you are not, oops.. These are things that should work and for an operating system to advertise and push the fact that they "just work" doesn't really help the problems that come with the newest update here. All in all with Android, Windows, and even Blackberry out there competing and saturating the market with new handsets and constant updates to improve their mobile operating systems Apple is in for a hard time if they do not step up their game and fast. For a company that strives on the fact that they are "innovative" they aren't really showing it as of late.

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