Apples Biggest Flop?

Ok so here we go, I have an Iphone 4s, love the ease of use and simplicity of the phone and also as most Apple followers love to say "It just works".. However this years release is just missing the luster and exclusivity of what "Innovation" for Apple is supposed to be. Let's start with tech specs first and foremost. First yes the screen is taller, which means an extra row of apps and wider angle viewing for movies, etc. It still has the same ppi though and if I remember correctly the Nokia Lumina 920 has a higher ppi and better overall screen resolution than the Iphone 5. Second lets go over the processor, yes its twice as fast and produces better overall performance but the Lg Optimus G supposedly has a Snapdragon s4 pro quad core processor with the newest adreno graphics gpu in it which will probably beat out, at least on pap
er, the Iphone 5 processor, not to mention it has almost the same ppi on its screen as well as VOLTE(Voice over LTE) of which the Iphone 5 doesn't support. On the to the camera, same camera and probably a good choice but why not up the megapixel count so it can be down scaled to produce over digital camera quality pictures. Also the build quality is a nice feature but seriously, phones are getting better and better everyday and build quality is becoming a non factor. Also the new 9 pin connector is going to create a lot of confusion and headaches for the people that do not want to convert over, why not just go universal and create ease of use with a micro usb like the rest of the smartphone world, this must be the "Innovation" factor kicking in. The new earbuds are a nice gesture but it isn't going to make up for all the cons of the phone. The problem with this years release isn't just the specs of the phone because sure they are essential upgrades, but they aren't totally future proof and mind numbing which is what Apple fans have come to expect. Especially with the plethora of Android devices being released every day saturating the market with new and better devices. Apple seems to just well be losing its flare, I just hope that they learn from Rim and decide just because they have something going good now means they can lose what they have envisioned for the future...

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