Apples to Apples?

With the Apple press conference looming around the corner there are many expectations that this years "Innovative" phone will be bringing with it, yet some might disagree. Last year was a huge disappointment for Iphone dreamers and fans alike with so many rumors about what to expect. This year as, Bgr.com posted in an article, it has been rather more realistic and monotone which brings the question of "Innovation" at hand. Many of Apple's corporate big wigs, including the deceased Steve Jobs, have made it clear that Apple is all about innovation, and so far that might have been the case a few years back with ios but now it is starting to become more and more.. well, dated.... The os itself has had a few minor tweaks hear and there, and the addition of Apples own turn by turn navigation and mapping system is a welcome one, but one can't help to think that this is something that should of been long ago. The inner workings of ios are a thing to behold and have many great and amazing features, but I can think of more than a handful that Web OS did better and still does than ios. In fact I can think of a handful of things it did better than Android and ios better. Think of a mash up of Android and ios and that is what you got with Web Os. Unfortunately the hardware was severely lacking and due to a few bugs here and there the os died a quick and unfortunate death. As far as Apples hardware is concerned, sure we get that it takes a lot to get a beautiful high resolution screen that works so well with all the apps out there and web browsers that demand crisp text, but a nice screen isn't everything. A nice camera isn't either. In order to have a phone stand out among others besides it just working is innovation, excitement, future proofing, and exclusivity. Apple thinks they have all that and probably many others do as well, but in reality they are actually a bit behind on the things that matter the most in a phone, and sad but true consumers have come to expect the highest level of excitement for the newest feature phones out there. So lets get back to the basics and think on not only innovation but improvement as well. Apple this is directed directly at you.. Your camera takes great pictures, but we want amazing pictures, ones that can actually replace out at home cameras. We want connectivity and clarity, yes LTE and VOLTE, we want better integration via facebook, contacts, skype, twitter, pintrest, etc., better maps, better sound, faster processing power, better battery life, more memory, better cloud options, improved and new design, we want it all! So this brings to question, what will this year bring that last year did not and will we the public be let down yet again or will we be actually dare I say moved at whats ahead..

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