Samsung, Apple & Lg??

As the announcement date nears for Apple's next big "Innovation", yes I said it, anticipation and competition begin to heat up. Yesterday bgr & engadgetmobile.com both announced some new news for a possible Lg super phone with some pretty decent specs. Here's a link on phonearena talking about the new unannounced phone.


Also in today's rumor mill we also have mention of the new Iphone not supporting nfc. Big deal or not so much? All in all this week has been rather slow and not very exciting for cellular/mobile news, or has it? With the Apple/Samsung Battle reaching it's long and rather annoying conclusion how will the mobile industry be affected? Will Sammy start being more strategic and come up with actual competitive designs and hardware or will they start making less handsets and focus more on their best friends strategy at Apple and start being more exclusive and "innovative". I guess time will tell.

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