What is it that we are lacking Apple?

So since the last post in May much has happened in the mobile world and also very little in the sense of exciting and new innovative products is concerned. Of course there has been the launch of some new tablets here and there and some that are noteworthy of discussion such as the Asus Nexus 7, but in essence there still is something missing from the airwaves of mobile development. For now we have The Samsung Galaxy S III which is a beast in its own right but not much of an improvement from last years SGSII, I mean better screen and processor but nothing innovative here.. We also have had the release of the One X series from HTC which has some great features, especially in the camera department, but its nothing to brag about. So with HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola all coming out with what seems to be an already over-saturated market of Android devices it is hard to set them all apart minus minuscule features here and there. This leads up to what so far is seemingly still in the rumor mill but looking very disappointing release of Apples exclusive baby, the iPhone.. Yes we all know when the supposed unveiling will be and we all know that it is supposedly having a larger screen, specifically 4", but the rumored design is a lackluster and huge disappointment to not just the Apple Techies out there but to the general masses overall. Sure Apple has a great product and amazing OS and pretty good hardware. I would say amazing but its seriously starting to feel very dated. I understand Apple wants to have the look and feel of an exclusive product and by only having one Mobile device release a year has definitely been working in their favor. For example we have the iPhone, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s see the pattern here.. It's just starting to get old and people like new and fresh and different. Last years release with the 4S was a huge disappointment to the public as well as investors in Apple alike. The internal hardware was good and better than the previous year which is the norm but it wasn't amazing and the design well it was just kind of old. This years supposed design is also just looking like more of the same but bigger. If Apple doesn't see that this is not just about internal hardware but also aesthetics and innovation to make things future proof then they will slowly fade into the dust. Look at Palm for example, they had a roller coaster ride and briefly went to the top with the release of the Pre and Web OS which was a mixture of IOS and Android and flopped withing two years due to lack of innovation and internal hardware as well as I am sure some poor business decisions here and there. Rim also is going in the same direction with its financial struggles and the indefinite hold on bb10 they just didn't get it until it was too late. See when you are on top you are supposed to look not only out towards the horizon but also down at whats below so not to forget where you came from and what your purpose was. So I say to Apple maybe it is time to look down at the consumers and realize that if things don't change soon then its que sera sera, simply put what will be will be and that doesn't look too bright.. 

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