Are Mobile Giants Losing Their Edge?

It has been a while since myself or my partner have been blogging about cellular technology and mobile tech of any kind and quite frankly, we apologize.. Tech has been changing so much recently and at such a quick pace that it has been impossible to keep up unless we have someone posting every day all day. So with that said he is my welcome back to the mobile world and first comment for the week. Is mobile technology fading away? Looking back the past few months it seems more and more mobile companies are coming out with so much that the hype has been jaded and somewhat lost. Htc has over 20 phones on the market, along with Samsung and Nokia and even LG. Apple is the only company that has consistently had a one phone a year rule of thumb and it seems to be working for them. I mean seriously, who cares if there are four different version of a certain phone out there, that's great for the consumer who wants choice but what happened to exclusivity for a phone. What happened to having the baddest and nicest most advanced piece of tech on the market that outlast and out shined anything in its path for months to come. Sure carriers and mobile phone companies are reaping in rewards for mass producing four to five versions of the phone but look at their overhead in doing so. Again Apple seems to be doing something right, stocks are sky high, phones and tablets continue to dominate the market, and they seem to have a cult following that sticks with their products religiously. Simply put they know their sh@% and have the right idea. Make a product that works and works well, one that can be ahead of the curve months down the road and still keep its "exclusive" feeling.. I mean why not have a phone that does everything you need and does it well, it doesn't have to have all the widgets and customization if it works great and looks great. Look I love Android and I like Blackberry, and I think Web Os(with the right hardware) was amazing, but Apple is beating everyone to the curb with maybe not so much innovation but with incredible hardware that does its job and does it well. How many people can say out there that there is a phone who has better touch response than Apple's hardware and if you say the Galaxy Nexus think again, sure with third party software its pretty great, but still behind.. Same goes for the camera, even HTC One series phones with the great cameras and shutter speed they have, still doesn't seem as detailed. The Nokia Pureview is amazing but not a smart phone so I can't put that in the same category. The retina display is pretty amazing too, sure its not a super amoled + but honestly its sharp and has a high resolution. I could go on and each phone has it's strengths and weaknesses but I want a phone that works and works well so I dropped the little green guy who I loved for customization and went with something that didn't crash all the time and I didn't have to charge once or twice a day. So tell me viewers. What are you looking for in a phone and what are you looking forward to in the future with phones, customization and cool features or a phone that works and works well?

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