Why Does North America Always Get The Lower End Flagships?

So today in the news we have results for the Global version of Samsungs Galaxy SIV which smokes the US and European versions in the antutu benchmark scores and HTC has their Global edition of the One which has expandable storage and dual sim card slots. So what is it that keeps these flagships not being so flagship when they hit North America and Europe. Here's a little hint, money. If you think on it the FCC regulates what comes in here in North America and restricts certain devices based on a multitude of things, bandwidths, radiation levels, and money. Yes money controls all and unfortunately it's a dog eat dog world and in order to have certain premium devices we have to pay a premium price but it's never just that simple or is it?
Other things in the news today we have T-Mobile working on a revised bid in order to save the merger for Metro PCS. Also Samsung is televising their new Galaxy SIV Models and actually not bashing Apple. Lastly Lg Optimus Pro might be released in the upcoming months for AT&T. Thanks for reading!

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