The Next Big Thing

So with the Samsung Galaxy SIV being released around the corner and the HTC One already having been released as well as Blackberry's Z10 the question now is what will Apple pull out of its hat? Typically Apple has done modest upgrades here and there and focused primarily on the premium aesthetics and feel of their hardware and primarily on their software side of the the OS. So this leaves everyone thinking what's going to happen this year? As far as design aesthetics everyone has come to expect the same old same old which is one of the reasons Apple has been not a hot topic as much as usual. The past three iPhones look almost exactly the same other than a larger screen on the 5 and a aluminum brushed back plate. Android has made itself known to the masses and offers so many different features on their phones that Apple has begun to seem, well, very outdated. So this year we have apparently a low end model for Apple and the standard premium but the thing is will it be enough to regain the confidence of investors and real in the masses? Apple needs to do something new and bring innovation back on the table. Sure the iWatch will be cool but will it be great? We need Apple to do something big and new and innovative to actually hold the masses of Android devices back. If Apple releases another small upgrade to its newest phone then I fear they will be losing the market in the long run. Yes Apple makes great mobile devices, yes they have this premium aura that most people associate them with, yes they have a great and refined operating system, but are those good enough with an outdated OS and old looking hardware? I think not..

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