The Perfect Phone

With so many phones on the market and new ones around every corner it's hard for anyone these days to pick and choose from the crop as to what the "Best" phone is. We have so many feature phones on the market that advertise this feature and that to the point that it's become difficult to really remember what cell phones are or were made for in the first place. To talk on! So what's important to you as a smart phone or even non smart phone owner? Call Quality, battery life, camera, apps, ease of use, aesthetics? Has it gotten to the point where more phones are sporting gimmicky software and features rather than focusing on the things that matter? So lets take a poll and see what matters and then really make it interesting and pick from your favorite phones and see what you like about them and what you don't. Example: I wish my iPhone was more like my Samsung Galaxy S3 because of this feature.
Survey here!

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