Why Didn't Verizon Get the HTC One?

So the HTC One has been somewhat of a hit thus far or at least it appears to have been as most of the larger US carriers are sold out of the device online but why did only three of the big four get the One? It appears Verizon held off on the One because they already had a quad core beast by HTC dubbed the DNA aka Butterfly overseas. However it appears that we have another variant of the Butterfly overseas dubbed the DLXPLUS which could very well be a variant for the Butterfly 2 for Verizon. If this is the case it would be interesting to see the aesthetics and overall specs of this model versus the current One that is out now. Time will tell I suppose. In the mid range Android wold we have the announcement from Pantech with Motion Sense gestures baked into the phone for hands free operation which is really quite snazzy for a mid ranger. Apparently Verizon will finally be announcing their flagship Nokia Lumina device the 928 which will probably be the best Windows 8 Phone on their list at least till the holidays. Lastly it seems Apple is just getting bashed everywhere I look today with low projected sales, falling stocks, delayed devices for their next iPhone and the list just goes on.

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