Cell Phones Turn 40 Today, HTC One Global Edition & More!

So Engadget posted an article today about the HTC One gloabl edition having a removable back cover and addition of a micro sd card and two sim card slots. The sim card slots are not a big deal but the addition of the micro sd slot for more memory has me a bit envious of people outside the US who have access to this phone. Today is the 40th birthday for cell phones which is pretty awesome if you think about it and how far they have come. Best Buy and Walmart are slashing Apple iPad and iPad Mini prices to open the path for newer iPad models in the next few months. In the rumor mill we have a possible HTC Facebook phone called HTC First which may or may not be a flop. Nokia might have a new device in the works dubbed the Nokia Lumina 950 which will obviously be a Windows phone. Lastly we have T-Mobile possibly having a carrier update for existing iPhones on their network to enable LTE which might make some very happy. Thanks for reading!

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