It's been a while and a lot has happened

So, first I am going to start off by apologizing to anyone who is a reader of G&K for the entirely too long of an absence of posting. With that said it's time to get down to the good stuff. First I will start off with the Samsung Galaxy SII form factor for each carrier. Rumor has been that it may be a sliding form factor the AT&T, I am highly doubtful of this but if so does it make it less appealing even with all the under the hood goodies? Secondly apparently to phonearena.com the Sprint version will dub the name Epic Touch, go figure, which will be 4g capable and lastly the Verizon version should be close to the same form factor of the original. Moving on to the Droid Bionic for Verizon apparently some specs were released today on the Motorola website of the Droid Bionic which does confimr it will be a 4g LTE capable device and is using a TI OMAP4430 processor dual core of course but will still be using that darn pen tile qhd display. Any takers on this device or are there more appealing phones around the corner? Maybe the Iphone 5 which is rumored to be released in September or October or maybe you are more into simplicity and true multitasking. True multitasking you ask? The Hp/Palm Pre 3 running Web OS is about as good as it gets when it comes to multitasking the way it is meant to be. Let's think about it, Web OS offers multiple apps being open at once, notifications that don't require you to close out of whatever else you have open, and pretty seamless integration of contacts, social networks, calender events, and email. With that said does Web OS hold a candle to IOS? Well yes and no. IOS is almost perfectly seamless and buttery smooth, does it have hiccups yes but the responsiveness and ease of use make up for it. IOS 5 beta which I have been testing adds a much needed update on many of the simplistic options that most smart phones have had for years now. Is IOS 5 perfect, of course not but it's absolutely the closest OS to perfect I have tested. On the flip side IOS is not Web OS. It does not multitask like Web OS nor does it keep your other apps open while replying to an email drop down notification or text notification. Nor does it handle multiple tasks being open at the same time. The next gen Iphone also is supposed to have a dual core a5 processor in it but does it really need it to be considered the next best thing? Why do we need dual cores in our phones unless its to handle higher definition graphics, taking better photos, or recording in higher resolution or handling 3d. Apple & the Iphone has capitalized on one thing and one thing alone with its IOS.. Simplicity.. If we could come out with an OS that handled multitasking like Web OS, was responsive, smooth and had great battery life like IOS and had the options of Android we'd have a monopoly for an OS system. Back to Web OS and HP/Palm. The issue isn't entirely with the OS but also with the hardware. It seems that most of the manufacturers are upping the processing power to keep up with the times for multimedia and handheld phones re becoming more and more like an actual mini computer which is the purpose of the constant future proofing of phones. Is it a necessity? It depends on how you look at it. Hp/Palm has been putting their emphasis on the OS which is good, but not good enough to keep a stellar OS from truly shining through. If HP/Palm could jump on the band wagon of future proofing their hardware they would have a winner on their hands. So back to the original question what are you holding out for? Is it the Motorola Bionic with QHD display and 4g LTE, The Galaxy SII with its raw power and great, for Android, battery life, or maybe The Iphone 5 with its seamless IOS and ease of use, or maybe just maybe are you holding out for something more, something worth taking a chance on or taking a complete leap of faith on and hoping that it's worth it aka the HP/Palm Pre 3? Decisions decisions..

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