Hp Palm Pre 3, Droid Bionic, Samsung Galxy SII or Something Else?

With the newly announced availability, at least in Europe, Hp Palm Pre 3 and a slew of other powerful phones including the Droid Bionic, Samsung Galaxy SII, and Htc Ruby, and of course the rumored/fabled Iphone 4s, 5, or whatever it's going to be we are all given plenty of choices to pick from. First things first though, with all these phones what is the most important feature to have? It seems that in the past we relied mainly on call quality and the service provider strength but along the wayside people have become less interested in quality and more intrigued by features. So when do we finally get that perfect phone? When will it all start to just blend and every phone released is just like the next one that just came out the week before? Or will someone be innovative enough to finally make that fabled 3d projector phone where you simply lay it flat on the table and make calls and use the screen that's being projected in thin air? Anyway tangents aren't really what I am here for. I want to know what are the masses looking for in a phone. Is it hd displays, better cameras, faster processors, better battery life, or just ease of use and good old fashion functionality that works and works well.

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