Ipad 2 presented by Steve Jobs

It's happening as we speak..Steve Jobs is presenting the iPad 2.  Pricing remains the same as the iPad and should start shipping out March 11th.

Summary of iPad 2 (iOS4.3) features:
  • dual core processors
  • 2x faster cpu
  • 9x faster graphics
  • hdmi video out
  • Significantly increased Safari performance. Took the Nitro JavaScript engine from Mac OS X and moved it on top of iOS. Now, iOS runs JavaScript 2x as fast as before.
  • Tunes home sharing! Lets you get at all of your music, movies, TV shows that are store in iTunes on your computer, directly from your iOS device. Wirelessly stream over home Wi-Fi to device.
  • When you tap on the AirPlay icon, it looks around and finds your Apple TV. It's that easy. We're making it even better in iOS 4.3. If you're sharing photos, you can use all of the built in slide show options. And now in 4.3, apps from the Store and even websites can do video or audio. (iOS4.3)

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