So with things winding down this year at The CTIA in Orlando I can honestly walk away with anticipation for the Summer to come full swing. With new devices like the HTC Evo 3d, LG Optimus 3d, LG G2x, Samsung Galaxy S 2 lined up who wouldn't be excited. That's just for the cellular devices. Then we have tablets such as the Motorola Xoom which we already have known about but also a new line of formidable Ipad killers. Lg has the G Slate for T-mobile, Samsung announced there 8.9" galaxy tablet running honeycomb and packed with a slew of features and a beautiful screen, and the HTC EVO View for Sprint all look to be packing a punch. I personally enjoyed the LG Slate due to the crisp and bright screen and dual 5mp camera on the back for taking 3d pictures. The only drawback to the Slate was that there is no option to actually view 3d images in true 3d on the tablet which is slightly confusing. All in all the show had plenty of sites to see and phones and tablets to touch. I tried sneaking some information out of HTC's reps to see when the Incredible S was going to be released and they kept the mum on even the existence of such a phone, but fortunately a kind little bird told me its coming soon.. Also I had the chance to view a very peculiar phone with a great concept but slightly underpowered specs, the Echo by Kyocera which is a dual screen phone running Android 2.2.. I was told told however by a rep that they already have a new model in the works with richer hardware features and running dual core processors so I am excited to hear more about it when it is released. As of now its running what seems to be a snapdragon processor running at 1ghz. Overall I would have to say the phones that captivated my attention the most were the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC EVO 3d. The Galaxy S II was smooth and quick and had a stunning screen. Its running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a dual core Exynos processor in it which made the phone run incredibly fast. Also it packs a Super Amoled screen and is probably the lightest and thinnest phone I have ever laid my hands on. There is no release date as of yet but I am assuming it will be on AT&T or T-mobile due to the unit I was handling was a gsm model. Secondly and the phone that I was most anticipating was the HTC EVO 3d and the hype behind definitely lived up to my expectations. this thing flys, has a beautiful QHD screen which made Apples Iphone 4 display seem somewhat behind the times, and the 3d display was just amazingly real. there was a point where I actually thought I could touch the water drops on the video I was watching. The phone also is running Gingerbread and has a toggle switch to go between 2d or 3d display. Also I noticed that the phone has a dedicated physical camera button which is nice. In 3d mode the physical camera button will take 3d shots, but if you use the screens touch camera button it will take just a 2d photo which is nice. The phone is 4g capable as well and has dlna and hdmi capability. However there is no hdmi out it is hdmi capable through the mini usb port via an added accessory. So on an ending note I must say this years CTIA definitely lived up to the hype and I am looking forward to seeing whats in store for the summer and even this winter. Thanks for reading people!

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