Happy Holidays & Let's Have Patent Talks With Apple & Samsung

So as many of you have heard the ongoing saga between Apple and Samsung has been tediously long and drawn out. Well recently it seems that more talks of patents have began between the two to try and hash out some sort of agreement. Again, yawn, this is gotten to be completely redundant and boring so on to some more exciting news.
Samsung rumors have the mill of the run recently with the unannounced Galaxy S5 looming around the corner. We have heard talk of a 2k display and also eye recognition software, think James Bond but not quite. I for one am more interested in the architecture of the new Exynos Chips and if they will support 64bit architecture because if they do then we are talking a entire new world of applications that can be used and also adding more power efficient ram would be a nice addition as well.  That aside I am pretty excited about the upcoming CES event and hope to hear more about the phone in the very near future.
So over this Christmas I had the pleasure of having multiple devices before returning to my go to daily driver. I'm going to go down the list and give some pros and cons of each device. First I will go with the iPhone 5s and list some things I liked and hated for the device.  I will keep this short and simple. Liked the speed, ease of use, build quality, camera simplicity, and plethora of apps. Disliked the crashes due to the new ios7, ios7 bugs, ios 7, size, fingerprint scanner. I felt like though iOS 7 is new and looks different and added some much needed functionality it also came up short on a lot of which I would like to discuss but as said before I am keeping it short.  The next device was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Liked the real estate of the screen, screen picture quality, abundance of ram, performance. Disliked the size(just too big), slow camera performance, speaker quality.  Lastly I went back to my go to which is the LG G2. Like the camera quality, screen space, button placement, knock on feature, speed, screen resolution, overall performance. Dislike the speaker quality, occasional lag, build materials. All in all these phones are all great devices and depending on what you like as far as build quality, operating system, or size they are great phones.
Lastly I want to say that this year had better come out with some amazing devices, especially Windows, or the masses are going to grow tired and the mobile phone market might see a trending decline in sales. Here's to 2k/4k screen resolution, 64bit processors, fingerprint scanners, and any other gimmicky feature that came out this year and let's hope for a better year around the corner.

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