Google Nexus 5, Iphone 5S, and Something Even Cooler!

Wow it has been one heck of a year and a crazy one too in the tech world as well as mine. Sorry for the overdue lack thereof posts on here. That aside let's get back to business!
So there have been multiple rumors in Google land as of the recent months have gone by. We have the next goole phone aka Nexus 5 which is being manufactured by Lg. Here are some links over this way to give you the scoop on the phone and what to expect. 
We also have the iPhone 5S that has been out for some time now and the newly announced iPad Mini Retina Display version as well as the iPad Air.  The iPhone 5S I am not entirely impressed with, especially with the way the new ios 7 looks and performs on the device. I will say however that the 64 bit architecture is a step in the right direction but not something that can be totally utilize as of right now.
Now on to the really exciting stuff! We have been seeing a surge in Windows Phones recently, thanks to a bit of marketing and advertising and the Nokia deal. Nokia recently had its event where they announced a few new goodies and another surprise that wasn't mentioned.  The really cool thing though about the last unmentioned device which we know is now the Lumia 929 is that it's heading to the Nations Largest carrier and is shaping up to be actually a nice looking and much needed Windows Phone device for Verizon! We are looking at a full 1080p 5" amoled screen with a 20mp camera to boot! Now this might seems like not a big deal compared to the rest of the phones out there but Windows and Nokia have made some pretty nice point and shoot devices in the past for example the Lumia 1020 with its 41mp shooter. The problem before was however that it was really only known for its camera and that's it. Well with this device we are getting a full hd screen, possibly a quad core processor, smooth and simplistic operating system, and a great camera! For the tech geeks out there this is a big win, especially for Windows fans. Now if only we could get some more big name apps in their store Windows would definitely make some noise. I'n rooting for them though so here's to the future for No.. err I mean Windows Phone 8!

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