iOS 7 Beta Hands Review

So as this is a beta version of iOS 7 this review is subject to change as typically there are four to five more updates till the gold seal of approval. With that said let's get on to the review.

Interface has had a unique and somewhat controversial overhaul. As far as the display and icons you are looking at more flat but also more cartoon based looking icons. The overall appearance is hit and miss as far as appearance is concerned. The screen background gives a almost 3 dimensional perspective with the icons on top remaining stationary but the wallpaper moves according to the users movements. It's actually something that's been seen on many Android devices before just not really made into a big hoopla.
The new search feature is rather confusing as the traditional swipe to the left has been replaced with a swipe down from any icon on the screen. Once you have been made aware it's rather simple to do but it's missing some features such as going straight to the web to search as before. I am sure this is just a beta issue and will be fixed in future versions.
Texting is somewhat buggy and honestly the colors pop too much, almost feels like it's too bright and distracting to the point of annoyance. Also it's a little buggy as of right now and feels like a beta keyboard but still you know it's apple if that makes sense. Also the colors in general are a bit annoying.
Camera is a nice change which brings in instagram like filters and you can swipe from left to right to do different views rather than going into settings to change things around. The addition of a hdr icon right on the screen is a nice addition as well. Things get a bit buggy though when switching from the lock screen to camera and often crash or freeze the phone. Again it's something expected with a beta and will be fixed for final release. Overall the camera has some nice features added into them and I am happy to say it's even snappier than before. The pictures are almost instantly saved or appear to be which is nice.
There are so many more features to write on and I will be getting to those within the next few days so stay tuned and I'll keep you all posted on the new iOS 7 as best I can!

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