Android Weekly Wrap Up

So with the release of the Motorola Droid X2, Xperia play, Lg Revolution and the Samsung Charge within the past week we have had our hands full with reviews and comparisons over here at G&K. Also a few other devices have been speculated to be released within the next month being the HTC Evo 3d on Sprint and the HTC Sensation on T-mob which both are highly anticipated and formidable devices. First lets go over the reviews in summary form. The Samsung Droid Charge with its Super Amoled display and snappy hummingbird processor still left me with a feeling of inadequacy. The phone was lacking in speed, thought the screen was amazing to look at, just felt slow and unresponsive at times. The build quality was decent and I dare say a step up in the right direction minus the weird triangular shape it has going on at the bottom but still not as sturdy feeling as some of the htc phones on the market. Camera quality was decent for outdoor photos but indoor photo quality was lacking, probably due to the lack of dual led flash. Video quality was not so great and seemed choppy at times and quality was pretty sub par in my opinion. So would I recommend it over the Thunderbolt? Even with the issues the Thunderbolt has been having I would have to say yes, I'd recommend over the Lg Revolution but thats another story and review. On to the next device the Droid X2, pretty much the Droid X with a boost in horsepower. Just imagine a Droid X on roids and theres your dual core processor, first for Verizon, and then you have your QHD display which is nice but thats about all you get out of the experience. Then we have Sony Xperia Play sporting a 1ghz snapdragon processor and a 4" lcd display with Android Gingerbread available at launch was yet another disappointment in my eyes. The phone, though it plays games and as innovating as that is, still is a lackluster and performs poorly overall. Honestly the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still the best out there in terms of performance and overall usability. So on to the biggest disappointment of the week launching on Verizon is the Lg Revolution, not much of a revolution here if you ask me, the phone has some pretty sub par specs and honestly aren't really worth writing about so I am just going to send you guys over here to out home boys to check out the specs, http://www.bgr.com/2011/05/25/lg-revolution-hands-on/. So if anyone out there is looking for a super phone for the Summer keep your eyes peeled for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Evo 3d and Sensation because so far that's where its at.

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